Baked with Hope, Butter and Love

Our Mission:

Fund Research.

One cookie at a time

We bake cookies to fund research into rare childhood diseases.



We are growing Cookies4Cures and are looking for kids who want to start their own fundraisers targeted at a rare disease that affects someone they love. We are committed to mentoring 5 new Cookies4Cures organizations. If you are interested, please apply. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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I’m Dana.

My friends and I bake a lot of cookies!

Cookies4Cures is an organization run by kids for kids. My friends and I raise money to fund research into rare diseases. When a kid has a rare disease, sometimes there isn’t any medicine or treatment. The doctors don’t know what to do. This is what happened to my friend Mila, who has Batten, and my friend Ollie, who has PANS. When there isn’t a cure, the only thing to do is to help scientists do research to find one. We fund research because, for kids with rare diseases…

research is hope.

2019 campaign

This year, we are raising $15,000 to support the groundbreaking research happening at the Stanford PANS Clinic. Last year, we helped the PANS Clinic hire Dr. Shamma Shakila Rahman to join Dr. Mellins’ lab. This year, we are funding the work of these pioneering women so they can change the way PANS is diagnosed and treated. We hope that this research will lead to treatments that will help my friend Ollie get better.

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2018 Campaign

We are a group of kids who bake cookies to find cures for kids who are sick. We want to tell you about our friend, Ollie, who goes to school with us.  Ollie got PANS when he was in kindergarten. Before that, he was learning to read and write and having fun at school. PANS changed all that. For Ollie to get better, scientists need to do lots and lots of research. The Stanford PANS Clinic is one of the best PANS research centers. We are raising $30,000 so they can hire a post doc researcher. We hope they can find a cure for PANS for our friend, Ollie.


2017 Campaign

Hi, I’m Dana and I’m 7 years old, and I am raising money to help save the life of my friend, Mila. She was diagnosed with a rare disease called Batten. It’s a problem with her genes. She was born with it, and if she doesn’t get treatment, she will get super sick and then she will die. The good news is that there is a new treatment for Mila that could stop her disease and save her life! And the research will help save the lives of lots of other kids who are sick like Mila. But it’s experimental so insurance won’t cover it and it is SUPER expensive. Can you help me save my friend? Any size donation will help. Thank you and please help us spread the word.


Our Impact

We may be just a bunch of kids, but we work really hard and we’ve accomplished a lot since we started in 2017. We hope you’ll join us. Success is sugar-cookie-sweet!



Thousand Dollars Raised



thousand cookies baked



years of making a difference

and counting!